Charlie LeBuff, Detroit: An American Autopsy, and a New Business Model

I first found out about Charlie LeDuff when I saw him expose the decline of Detroit’s Meals on Wheels Program. Little did I know that he previously won a Pulitzer with the New York Times and followed it up with 2013’s Detroit: An American Autopsy.

Detroit is an incredibly well written and heart felt exploration into the decline of one of America’s greatest cities. It details the ongoing legacy of racial tension that sparked 2 major race riots, but lacks a macro view of the policy crisis that led to a major American city losing over a million people in under a generation. LeDuff makes up for it with a detailed take down of local corruption and a nuanced report on the people who still call the Motor City home.

Why Edward Snowden is Only the Begining

Institutions need to evolve. “Spy Kids” by Charles Stross explains how the US created a bureaucratic culture that impedes that evolution. “We fool ourselves into thinking that our national culture is static and slow moving,” writes Stross. He argues that the government, specifically the security agencies, are designed for a culture of long term employment–Unfortunately… Continue reading

Chuck Hagel’s Foreign Policy Roadmap

In 2004 Chuck Hagel, Obama’s current nominee for Secretary of Defense, outlined his foreign policy vision. Writing for Foreign Affairs Hagel looked more like Madeline Albright or William Coehn than Dick Cheney.  In fact, his support for international organizations is downright giddy. “The UN is more relevant today than it has ever been,” he wrote to the… Continue reading