When I first started working in strategic innovation, a Senior Vice President at a Fortune 100 pulled me aside at lunch. “You’re pretty quiet,” he said. That comment didn’t surprise me. I was 24 and working in a room full of Senior Executives at a large financial service company. Quiet was basically another way to say intimidated. What came next did. “When you do talk, you’re a human encyclopedia. Do you have any book recommendations?”

Now that I’ve built a career in an un-traditional industry, I often get asked for career advice. Here it is.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in anything strategic you need to start fueling your curiosity. Read good books. Listen to smart people. Watch great movies. The world is complex, but the complexity wilts away if you consciously develop a critical framework. The only way that happens is through work. To help, I’ve written a list of book recommendations.

Annual Review

A look back at the books that I read each year.

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